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1. Teachers Team (capped at 5 people)
This team will be serving as teachers for the upcoming DOS class. Prior to the semester, all members will be required to go through a mandatory teacher’s course to ensure adequate preparation. The role of a teacher is an important call that comes with a high reward and responsibility.

Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” – James 3:1

2. Operations Team
The core of DOS is the operations team. The group manages the following:

  1. Session Recordings
  2. YouTube Upload
  3. Attendance Records
  4. Student Check-in

3. Transformational Team
Next year we plan on implementing PowerPoint presentation during the DOS session. To accomplish that, we are establishing a team to convert the current DOS teaching files to PowerPoint slide. This will be a short term project and the group will be dissolved upon its successful completion.

4. Initiation Team
This team will assist with the logistics of creating the DOS books and mailing them out to the participants. It is recommended that members of this team live within DC, MD or VA.

5. Mentorship Team
Starting next semester, YuhGlo will be introducing a Mentorship program to enhance the programs participants. The mentorship program will have a defined scope and responsibilities for both mentor and mentees alike. Mentors shall be required to participate in an interview prior to selection.

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